Action Screen Fight Week/Weekend Training


Action actor/choreographer with 14 years experience in China, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, USA , Spain, etc

Location: BALI ISLAND ( Baliwood Land )



Schedule Training: 5 Days Training Course

1. Punch Screen Training

    ( Boxing basic movements, reactions, power and speed generation, How to look real when we do the actions )

2. Kicks Screen Training

( Basic Tae Kwon Do and Kungfu kicks, stretching, legs power training, advanced kicks, reaction distance, physical contact, and safety )

3. Elbows/Knees and Basic falls ( shor distance actions, body reactions, falls, expressions )

4. Durty fights / Kungfu Style fights ( body language , characters, acting into the fights )

5. Creation or own fight scenes ( recording, camera angles , concepts about fights and coherence with the movements)