Program & Events

Baliwood Land, Universal Village Campus

Great Short Camp in Bali Paradise.
Life (& Study) in the Village

Baliwood International Camp,
Talents character development and building global friendship
by life in the Bali Village
experiences (Baliwood Land)
(Baliwood Land, world film village ,multi zones, cultural-digital and empowerment based)

Welcome to our Universal Village Campus

Join 3 weeks of new media & film study with cultural immersion in our Universal Village Campus and enjoy
unforgettable learning experience by staying in the beautiful Cultural film village life, Baliwood Land.

For All ages.


Option Middle Tuition Range 1399$ ( for 3 weeks including all)

  1. International Student Camp
  2. Students Inn staying
  3. Adventure Trips
  4. Extra courses
  5. Breakfast and campus lunch.
  6. Certificate of Creative Tourism Media & Certificate Cultural Film Production, with inauguration day.
  7. Village bike
  8. Learning facilities (studio,lab,classroom,natural class,sport area,library,etc)

Notes : We have also 1 week class and 1 month program

Subject to Study (you will get all)

  1. Cultural Assets on Screen (CAS) is Bali Cultural Assets as Film Assets Production , such as: Traditional Dance for Film choreography, Traditional music instruments and film lab scoring, Bali Craft as film property  & Local fashion as film wardrobe
  2. Visual Arts in natural elements
  3. Basic special effect film makeup and silicon prosthetic ,Bali touch.
  4. Community based Tourism (CBT)
  5. Film Tourism Promotion Production (FTP2)
  6. Media advocacy for SME villagers
  7. Yoga class

Adventurez Trips

  1. Film expedition exploring archipelago park & death city
  2. City and beach visit
  3. Heritage visit
  4. Sport experiences (Rafting,badminton)
#All participants will get student bike during staying in the village

A new schedule starting on 7th Oct until 19th Oct 2019, and the next class will be the week after.In 2020 will start in the end of Jan.

Welcome to Baliwood Land, Universal Village Campus.

The location of the Baliwood Land at the center of Bali island, Dauh Yeh Cani village (Badung,Bali / 20 min from Ubud Village).

Bali is well known world tourism destination and secure place as well.


Another Camp packages (beside International Student Camp in Baliwood Universal Village Campus):

1. Artist Life in the Village

Are you independent artist? Enjoy life in the village,learning also local cultural assets on screen, meanwhile doing your own arts activities.

2. Superkids Camp

Character development by Film Projects in Baliwood Kids Film Camp.

3. Family Camp

The film adventurez package’s journey in Baliwood mystery of the forest and getting your unforgettable family film.

4. Corporate Learning Camp

Fun learning time and expression with the Nature beside teamwork experiences by short film production and visual Arts with natural elements.

We will learn also Cultural assets on screen and doing some sport activities in the river,around the rice fields and Baliwood film adventurez forest Park.

5. Internship Program for Global Creative Citizens.

Baliwood Land Development and the digital ecosystem, .Feel also working style through a village life in Bali Paradise.